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Album Cover Artworks

Album Cover Artworks

By orvelio

Get inspired by 11 designers and their visual styles.

Introducing the book that explores the fascinating world of album cover art and the designers behind them. Featuring 11 talented artists and their unique visual styles, this book delves into the art of album cover design and how it can impact the music it represents. From the criteria for a "good" design to stunning examples of these artworks in action, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in the intersection of art and music. Get inspired and discover the creative minds behind some of these unique album covers today!

The talented designers featured in this book

Aimeric Design, Anna Sing, DobleJG, Guilherme Delvaux, HEROINK, Matias Pesce, Muten Factory, Oihane Cast, Rhox, sick again, Ugne Grauzinyte

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Dimensions: Square • 20x20 cm
 Softcover, glossy coating
 92 Pages, 150gsm coated silk

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