exclusive artist spotlight magazine series

ÚNICO is a series of zines published by orvelio™ that exists to showcase talented artists around the world.

Each issue features one artist, where art lovers can discover new artists & their work.

  • ⏱️ Minimum Time Investment

  • 🚫 Zero Financial Investment

  • 💰 Earn Commissions For Every Sale

Design & Concept

You can choose colors, images and texts to make your ÚNICO issue fit your style and separate from the rest.

Production & Fulfillment

We take care of production, shipping and returns for you. Our dedicated customer support handles any problems that occur.

Earn With Every Sale

Get paid 15% for each sale of your issue. Track the sales and your next commission payout orvelio™ dashboard.



What You Pay: 0.00€

✓ Up to 70 pages incl.
✓ Professional planning, design & setup
✓ High-quality product images
✓ Marketplace release
✓ Customer support
✓ A copy of your issue
✓ 15% Commission per sale

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