The best conditions

We want you also to be able to publish you work in printed form. With the best conditions a publisher can offer.

  • We take care of everything

    Designing the book or magazine, hosting an online store, creating professional promotional materials, customer support and much more are the things we take care of for you.

  • Earn fair commissions

    We want to make sure every artist gets their fair share of each sale like you wouldn't get with any other publisher.

  • Sustainable print materials

    Make a positive impact on the environment with our responsibly sourced FSC certified products from sustainably managed forests.

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The process made simple & fast

This whole process normally takes only about 1-2 months from start to finish.

1. Planning

We'll help you decide what kind of publication makes most sense for you specifically. You'll get professional consulting on how you can get the most out of your upcoming release.

2. Creation

It's time to bring your project to life. With your creative direction we'll take care of the whole design process of your release, combining your vision with our expertise in print design.

3. Preparation

Once the design process is finished, we'll continue with setting up your artist page and products on our printshop. You'll get professional promotional materials for your social media channels.

4. Release

And there it is! You first print release that'll live in your customers' homes for a lifetime. Inspiring them and reminding them of how your work is deserving of being there.

A selection of our unique releases

Check out our past releases with talented artists all around the globe.

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Against the digital masses

Social media platforms compress the beauty and complexity of art into a small screen, minimizing its impact and importance. In contrast, printed art offers a unique experience that allows us to fully engage with the work and appreciate its magnificence. The tactile quality of printed art elicits a sense of intimacy and personal connection with the artist's vision, a connection that is often lost in the digital world.

Our goal is to create timeless pieces that can live in people home and deeply inspire them for a lifetime.

Let us take care of everything.

Our pricing packages for releases

There's a lot that goes into a print release from the selection of your work, developing a theme, creating the design and making it available to potential customers. We're here to take care of everything so you can focus on the creative direction and vision of your project!

  • Book release package

    Starting at 120€ one-time fee

    ✓ Up to 64 pages (additional pages up to 200 possible)
    ✓ Professional planning, design & setup
    ✓ High-quality product images
    ✓ Marketplace release
    ✓ Customer support
    ✓ Interview/Blog post
    ✓ Artist page
    ✓ Free copy of your book

Other packages:

  • Magazine release package

    Starting at 70€ one-time fee

    ✓ Up to 32 pages (additional pages up to 48 possible)
    ✓ Professional planning, design & setup
    ✓ High-quality product images
    ✓ Marketplace release
    ✓ Customer support
    ✓ Interview/Blog post
    ✓ Artist page
    ✓ 2 free copies of your magazine

  • Fine Art Print release package

    Starting at 50€ one-time fee

    ✓ Up to 5 print (additional prints possible)
    ✓ Professional planning & setup
    ✓ High-quality product images
    ✓ Marketplace release
    ✓ Interview/Blog post
    ✓ Artist page
    ✓ Customer support

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