The second book by Flanelle Magazine in cooperation with orvelio™

When will it be released?

We want to take our time creating the best book possible with a range of talented artists. Therefore, we will stop accepting submissions only when we feel like we have enough quality content.

What's the theme?

Everything keeps us going in life. Submit your work that embodies your passion, love, travels, knowledge, culture and feelings.

Check the moodboard before applying!

We've prepared a little PDF document that includes a few directions and moods so you know exactly what to submit to get featured inside the book.

The theme of the book

More visual inspiration

Apply for the book

Send us your portfolio and apply as a featured artist for the second Flanelle Book!

We will take a look at your work and reach out to you if you're a good fit.

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The Melon Magazine

Chronicles of Eternity

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Les Fleurs

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