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High-quality prints, uncomplicated publishing, flexible commissions

The artist is in control creatively while not having to deal with any organizational and financial obstacles of the project.

Everything importan at a glance

All you need to know about publishing on the orvelio marketplace

💸 No financial risks

Publishing with us means that you won't have to have any financial means to kickstart the project.

👁️ Your visual direction

It's open to you if you want to design the whole book yourself or have us do it for you. The overall look & feel will still have to align to orvelio's brand appearance to some degree.

🚚 Logistics, support & marketing

Everything from production to customer support to marketing will be handled by us.

🚀 Fast & uncomplicated publishing

We'll be able to create & publish your book or magazine within about a month.

💵 Fair royalties for the artist

Get 50% of the profit as royalties while carrying none of the financial expenses for the project.

📝 Keep all your image rights

When releasing with orvelio, you'll keep all the copyrights to your images. You'll only give us the right to use your images for the creation and distribution of the book/magazine. Though, you do have to agree to not create another book/magazine with the same content, as well as not submitting the content to a different publisher without our agreement. These contracts usually go for one year and can be cancelled or extended after that period.

Price calculation

You earn 50% of the profit per sale as royalties. The Profit is calculated by dividing all expenses tied to the project (production costs, shipping, marketing costs, software costs, customer support, setup costs, design services, etc.) by the selling price in store. Your initial 50% of the actual profit remains steady while orvelio's commission can get lower depending on rising expenses later.

Binding options


30-200 pages

The industry term for traditional paperback binding, Softcovers are the most cost-efficient and popular way to bind books or magazines and are suitable for most projects.

Saddle Stitch

4-48 pages

Interior pages are folded and inserted between the cover, then stapled along the “spine” edge. Saddle Stitch binding is recommended for interiors with 48 or fewer pages.


30-200 pages

Traditional hardcover binding with the cover image printed on the cover. Also available as linen hardcover with a printed dust jacket.

Sizes available


8x11" / 8.5x11" / 7.4x9.6"




5.5x5.5" / 8x8" / 11x11"

Small Vertical

A6 / 5.x8.5" / A5 / B5

Paper stock

170 gsm coated silk

All sizes & binding options

170 gsm uncoated

Only softcover

115 gsm coated silk & uncoated

Only softcover

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